Application Studio - is there such thing like Variables / Global Variables?

I have a basic question… do we have variables / global variables in Application Studio?
I don’t mean DataView (because in data view you can have multiple rows and columns).
I would like to have variable which I can ‘name’, ‘get’ and ‘set’ from any event.

Hi @phoenix, search for TransView. You can add whatever variables are needed

As @tkoch said, TransView can be used. It’s a runtime view that allows you to add columns at any time for use. I’ve seen Epicor use TransView like that as well.

That being said, there’s a global variable widget, but I’ve never used it nor felt the need since TransView works just fine.


So simple :). Thanks.

Because TransView is heavily used by Kinetic itself I have concerns that at some point my data can be changed/cleared.

BTW I just give a try to store API key in global variable. Key is there but when I put %variableName% in API Key section of rest-erp widget, then at the execution I got an error saying that %variableName% is not a valid API key. So it seems like API Key field is not processed at all and it is just taken as a string. Can you please confirm that?
P.S.I am guessing that Epicor did it in order to keep it safe. So API Key won’t be exposed during debug session.

Interestingly, despite it being marked as required, the API key is not required in App Studio since it’s internal.

You should check the payload of the network call using dev tools. That should show you what it’s trying to send.