Applying CM's in A/R & tying out to G/L

Hi, all. We are currently on Vantage 8.00.808C.

Since we went live this past September, we have not been able to tie
out the aging report with the GL. Now I think we have finally found
the problem. When using the "apply credit memo" feature in A/R, two
things are happening:

1- If you are in the program, enter info, and then hit the "save"
button... change a date... and then hit the "apply credit memo"
button, your transaction will post in two different periods!
Because there are two steps- save and update- it behaves this way.
So, if you are trying to backdate a transaction, save, then notice
you forgot to backdate, change the date, and then update... your
aging will be off at the end of that month.

2- If you are in the program and enter info, and then decide you
need to delete and start over... hit the "delete " button and then
exit, the system will only post one side of the transaction! You
don't have to hit save or update for this to happen. It only
deletes the CM- not the invoices applied.

I am sharing this just incase there are others that have had trouble
tying out the aging to the GL balance at the end of each month. I
realize that maybe this is somewhat "user" error (need to be more
careful), but I believe a system should not allow you to post a one-
sided transaction or a transaction split between periods without a