Approval on Customer Maintenance changes?

My CFO just asked if there was any way to require that a field change on the Customer Maintenance screen (specifically Territory ID, since that is what commissions are based on, and during the last couple of months a LOT of incorrect changes have been made) could be made to run through a PO Approval-type process. I suggested making the field read-only to everyone but the approvers, and then have requests submitted, but she would like a more formal process.

Best I can come up with:
1. make field read-only to all but approvers;
2. create a separate form where the requestor enters customer information and change request;
3. have that form fire off a BPM email to the appropriate approver;
4. create an approval form;
4. if approved fire off another BPM to make change and notify requestor, if denied email requestor back with denial

This would involve a UD table to hold interim values, but doesn't look overly complicated... does it?

Any other ideas?

Ernie Lowell
Diba Industries