APR (Routing Rules) can a report be scheduled daily even if Epicor is closed?


I need to schedule a report I have setup with a routing rule, would I need to have Epicor open so that the schedule is run as recurring? I have seen there are some issues or restrictions when using Schedules on Epicor.

Epicor 10.2

Do you know if there is any issues with it?

Thank you!

The routing aspects are server-side, so if you schedule a report to run and print to a server-side printer (assuming there is an actual printing aspect to this report), then you don’t need to have a client open / active session.

Hi Natan,

Thank you for your response.
Per my understanding when you send an email using the routing rules you don’t really need a server printer but just to send the email and it will have the document attached, is this correct?

Would that configuration still be on the server-side and it would not matter if Epicor is not open?

You wouldn’t need a client session open for what you are trying to do :slight_smile:

awesome, thank you!