AR Invoices in Dispute


Trying to find an answer and falling somewhat short. Does Epicor have functionality to support AR invoices that are in dispute?

I know you can mark them as held prior to posting, but for scenarios where invoices that have been sent out, and then get queried, is there a function in the software to essentially ring-fence them, or highlight them for reporting purposes?

Guessing the answer is no from looking online - does anyone have a solution, or know where I’d need to look? I’ve seen there’s a Cash Collect add-on that can be purchased, which may provide this functionality?

If you just need them marked, you could add a True/False UD field to InvcHead and either add a customization with a checkbox in AR Invoice Tracker, or a BPM to mark them when certain criteria are met.


You may try Reminder letter functionality.

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Oh that could work. I didn’t realise you could add changeable fields to a tracker screen. I’ll take a look. I think for now the requirement is that we can mark invoices as in query and add a comment as to why, along with reporting on that.

If I add a boolean checkbox with a corresponding comments box on the AR Invoice Tracker and write a quick BAQ to report on them, that should suffice!