Are GUID's Recycled?

I was told today by “Support” that GUID’s are recycled.

Say Whaaaaat?

I thought they were NEVER recycled.

Anyone know the real answer?


What is the context to Support saying GUIDs are recycled?

a GUID is a Globally Unique Identifier and it is really really hard to re-use or generate those twice. I think (hope) you misheard.

I assume in how an existing one is used or something odd. If UUID/Guids did not work half the planet of computers would fall over. Heck all of Azure is Guid based.

I assume there is a narrow conversation being missed

I have been told that my RDD for the AR Invoice has to be rebuilt in the new 10.2.200.

Since this is MT SaaS - I do NOT have access to the DB.

I asked if i could submit a Select query for Epicor to run against the SSRS Database (that includes the GUID) and Epicor could report back to me the list of “missing” fields. i.e. the fields that i added for my modified AR Invoice form.

I was told no they cannot do that because the GUID’s are “recycled”.


Recycled in the sense of those GUID tables go to the glorious bit bucket in the sky immediately after an error with the RDD is experienced or if the archive period is not set if there isn’t an error–not recycled in the sense that the numbers themselves will be reused.

I would have used the expression “removed”.

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So can I assert that if I set the archive period and run an invoice using the standard Epicor RDD and form - and then send Epicor a Select query that uses that GUID but has a bunch of added fields and tables - that Epicor could report back to me the fields that “were not found”?