Are your BPM Sources Missing? 🤯

If you are like me, you benefit from the Server\BPM\Sources folder.

  1. You can use it to learn how Epicor generates code when using Widgets
  2. You can keep track of revisions to your BPM (until an upgrade)
  3. You can keep track when someone changed a BPM (until an upgrade)
  4. You can easily grep them and find all BPMs you are using certain column

You would be able to find generated sources and a wealth of code samples here for:

  • Method Directives
  • BPM Data Directives
  • Updatable BAQs
  • EDI
  • Electronic Interfaces
  • Expressions
  • Posting
  • Product Configurator

Kinetic ERP Missing Sources :disappointed_relieved::triumph:

Atleast in Kinetic 2021.2 they are not being generated by default anymore and there isn’t any documentation of why this was taken away and how to enable it. If someone has this changelog let me know

Turning it back on :heart_eyes:

Some investigative Reflection work…

In your web.config simply add dumpSources=“true” to each individual Type you want to get sources generated for.


FileSystem Provider No More (FYI)

If you were using the FileSystem Customization Storage Provider, it can’t be used anymore; you will be forced to use SqlBlob. Chances are there is a small % of Customers using this. I personally always used SqlBlob.

Does that mean you wont be able to Remotely Debug BPMs anymore if the Build isn’t even there?


I relied heavily on this when I was at a company that was on prem. It’s not accessible on cloud. Lack of access to Windows event logs, direct SQL queries, and this, are the “big three” reasons to avoid cloud.

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It’s the best way to see the generated code… For example when you use Fill Table By Query vs Update Table By Query vs Set Field or the Mailer or the Functions Widget… you can go and see what the code is behind the scenes.

Also Epicor Functions can be dumped to sources too.

Side Note - On-Prem View EFx Code

If you are on-prem and would like to see the code your EFx generates you can add the following to your web.config


It will then generate your code into the following server side folder:
Example: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\EpicorERP\Server\BPM\Sources

It is indeed the best learning tool


wow :exploding_head:

I guess another way to enable them without enabling it globally is via:

no, no, real admins do it the hard way

So if you’re on public cloud without server access the dump sources checkbox essentially does nothing? Or is there a way to get to it as a Public Cloud user?