ARForm Mass print - page numbers incorrect


I have a modified ARForm that used to do the mass print page numbers correctly.

They recently noticied that it is not working now. We did update to 10.2.700.29, if that helps.

I tested by printing using the default style and it numbers the pages fine.

Can anyone here tell me what controls the page number reset per each invoice?

I did a comparison of the groups and they all looked the same to me.

Any help is greatly appreiated!

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Was wondering if anyone had any idea on this?

Any help is appreciated.

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It looks like my report works fine in one company but not the others.

If anybody has any clues, I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Are you also finding incorrect fields in the header (wrong CustID, InvoiceNum, etc.), or is it just the page numbers that are messed up?

Batch printing SSRS forms has been something many of us have struggled with for years… You might find some insight from this post: SSRS report randomly displays incorrect PONum and blank OrderDate - Kinetic 2021 - Epicor User Help Forum (



It just seems to be the page numbering that is off.

The funny thing is, I have a slightly different version of the report for a specific company and it prints the numbers fine.

Can you tell me where in the report to look for differences that affect the numbering?

I doubt it’s something “wrong” you did, it could be something absurd like the height of some table row is different and that somehow throws off SSRS’s calculation of page breaks or whatnot in some circumstances…

As a test try importing your other version of the report into your other company and see if you get the error or not when printing the same dataset of invoices. There’s a chance your other RDL is “flawed” in the same way but the error just isn’t presenting with the particular dataset of invoices you’re printing in the other company.


I just wanted to post the resolution to the issue.

I never found why the report didn’t print the page numbers correctly.

I had a similar report that only had a few minor changes that did print correctly so I modified it to cover both reports. Tested OK.