Assign multiple authorized user under buyer

Can we add multiple authorized user under one buyer and all the authorized user able to view all the PO suggestion created by the user?


And you choose one authorized user per buyer to be the default. Kind of backwards.


You can have several users be the default for one buyer.

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do i need to set buyer as default user and all the authorized user as default too?

Think of the buyer as a group. Users can belong to more than one group, but only one group can be the users default.

Buyer A, has auth users Alice, Bob, Charlie and Dave. Alice, Charlie and Dave all have their default set to group A

Buyer B, has auth users Bob, Charlie and Dave. Bob’s default buyer group is B.

When Bob makes a PO, it is set a buyer B. Only Bob, Charlie and Dave can access it.

When Alice makes a PO, it is set a buyer A. All of them can access it. Ditto for Charlie and Dave.

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