Assigning unique lot numbers automatically

When we receive material in through Inspection Processing, there is a lot number field with a “Next Lot” button. It seems that this lot number is not unique over different parts, potentially even jobs. Is there a way to make this lot number be completely unique?

What does your lot numbering schema look like? If it is truly random, you might be able to place a pre-processing BPM on that method and generate a random number, like a GUID. I built a test application that generates random letter based lot numbers and assigns them to new lots being created. I don’t really recommend truly random numbers for lot numbers though.

We don’t need random numbering…just a sequence of numbers that never repeats.

Totally misread that…sorry.
What you might do is store a number on a table and have your pre-processing BPM go out to look at that number, increment it up and return that as the new lot number, then go back to the table and increment the stored number.
We do this to auto-order customer ID’s.

There are a couple of places where you control Lot generation. From your post, I am assuming that you want to do this on the Part level. Let me know if I am incorrect.

Open up Part Maintenance, load up a part you want to Lot track, then go to the Lots/Generate tab. This is where the settings for lot generation are. The important field to note here is “Non Part Specific”. If you want one global lot sequence for ALL parts, check it off. If you want individual lots per part, leave it unchecked.



This looks like exactly what we are looking for, thank you so much John! Right in front of my face, should have seen it sooner…

As an FYI, you can also set global settings for lot in Company Configuration.