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Hoping someone can help.

We can attach a document to a Customer and when select that Customer in Sales Order Entry, the attachment is available via the attachment icon or the tree. When we attach a document to a Supplier and when select that Supplier in PO Entry, the attachment is not available.

This worked for both in scenarios in E9. We are now in 10.1.400. As far as we can tell, we didn’t set anything in particular in E9 or E10 to do this. We don’t have Document Type set. We select New Attachment, browse our shared drive for the document and select it. Is there something we are missing?

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Hi Tammy,

Document Type is important. It tells Epicor where the document is and how it is stored. There is a Company Setting for the default document type as well as a Base Location. (System Setup | Company Maintenance).

If you go to your Document Types (System Management | Document Management), you can see storage options for each.

Mark W.

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