Auto / Label Print Control - what is it for?

We have a line item on our Epicor maintenance bill named “Auto/Label Print Control”. I don’t know what this is for. We use Bartender for label printing so I don’t think we need to pay maintenance on this.

Can anyone explain why one would need this license or what it is for? If you’re wondering why I’m asking here instead of asking our CAM, well their whole job is to sell me licenses so I don’t inherently trust them on this type of question.

bump… does anyone know what this is for?

bump… does anyone know what this is for? I still haven’t figured it out

I just went thru deactivation a bunch of modules we bought for a company we later sold. Our CAM was great and had no issues with explaining what the line item covered.

In E9 Auto Print was part of a BAM. In E10 there is an Auto Print widget in the DD Workflow designer. I have the Auto Print module and I assume I would not see the widget if I did not.


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