Auto Populate Vendor Number Using BPM - Help


I’m currently trying to get a BPM and User Code together for setting up the automatic population of Vendor ID’s. The format I’m looking for is to take the first letter of the vendor name add three zeros and then the current number we are on, EX: Vectren = V0001.

I am currently following this thread about how to do it: Auto Numbering - Customer ID. The instructions are on the second posting by Andy.

The part that I currently need help with is the positioning of the second BPM that converts the “AutoAssign” Vendor ID to something usable. Just need a push in the right direction.

Thanks for the help!

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For the numbering this works perfectly! The next error I have run into is that because there is no name entered by the time the post process runs I cannot assign a letter designation in front of the number value. I think I can get past this by using Vendor Update and having it only hit on an added row.

The next issue I foresee is how to have it check letter by letter for number designation for instance: Vector = V001, France = F001, Vancouver = V002, Franklin = F002. Any tips on this?