Avalara Issue

We are having the most fun problem with Avalara and I’m trying to see if anyone here has seen it before. We are trying to create a large invoice 110 Lines with Misc Charges.
Everything appears to work ok, except on “SOME LINES” when we add Misc Charges we get an error back from Avalara
Normally this means bad address or whatnot, however until we put the Misc Charge in (no error)

Further more Address Validates Fine

And the “ERROR” IN Avalara Results are less than Helpful

If we change the address, it works, but this address works fine without Misc Charge… Another address works fine with Misc Charge. If we re-create this Invoice and this Line (only this line) with the same address and Misc Charge it works fine

It is only if its part of a larger invoice that this issue occurs, it isn’t a timeout issue since we can keep adding lines and it will work as long as we dont hit this random line (or any of the other handful of random lines in this invoices)

Anyone have any ideas?

I wonder if you can go to Company Config and enable debugging for AvaTax there is a checkbox if I recall. I think it logs more verbose errors to TaxSvMessages

Also check the tables for more info:

SELECT * FROM Erp.TaxSvcMessages;
SELECT * FROM Erp.TaxSvcConfig;
SELECT * FROM Erp.TaxSvcDetail;
SELECT * FROM Erp.TaxSvcHead;
SELECT * FROM Erp.TaxSvcMessages;

Using the Debug Flag @hkeric.wci this is what we get back from Avalara on those requests…

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<Summary>Sequence contains no elements</Summary>

Weird, all I can think of is focusing on Sequence contains no elements InvalidOperationException, which is a common .NET error when lets say you try to use .First() or compare an object that really doesnt exist.

I wonder what else you have unique about one of those lines. Not sure if there is a dev portal to login where you can view more details about the TransactionId. Perhaps you exceeded the limit of bytes with 110 lines.

Changing the Tax Category for that line didn’t help, if it make it NT (Not Tax) it comes through.
If / When it fails it doesn’t show up in Avalara at all (on the web side of things)

However if I change the address on those lines @hasokeric it works, so its not a size issue. As a matter of fact changing the tax category again just now in 2 of the lines worked, not on the third one…

Something is funky~!

Pop in an EpiCare case, and include the debug info. They usually get to the bottom of it pretty quickly.

Finally heard back from Avalara, aparently its an issue on their side

Our engineers are aware of the issue you’ve reported. They are working to provide a fix. A fix is scheduled for the 2nd week in March. If the release date changes, I will let you know.

As a recap, you stated you are receiving an error - “Sequence contains no elements”.

Thank you,

Yet I’m signed up for notifications from Avalara, and the latest one I see if from Feb 24

And their website says:

Well I think that’s for outtages not bugs

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