Does Epicor allow backflush on serial or lot tracked parts? We are using Epicor 10.2.600 version, I am setting up the subassemblies with lot and serial enabled.
Can you please advise me here? Please let me know if you have documents to see how to setup the subassemblies.



You can’t backflush serialised parts.

Backflush Prerequisites:

The part must be coded as backflush.
The part must have a primary warehouse and primary bin.
The material requirement must be attached to a job operation.
The operation must have a labor quantity reported against it.
Labor entry must be accurate and timely.
IMPORTANT ------>>>>> Serial number controlled, lot controlled, or dimensionally controlled inventory Cannot be backflushed.


Andrew is exactly correct. You can use Lots (maybe serial numbers :thinking: ) with a Kanban receipt if that fits your workflow.

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In my view (personal opinion so no need for :safe_harbor: ), the concept of Backflusing and Serial/Lot control do not belong together. Lot “CONTROL” means that you have tight control over what lots are being concumed and when… if you have backflushing turned on, then this would be “Lot OUT OF Control” :wink:
On a serious note, Yes, you can use Lot Control AND Kanban Receipts, because when you do the receipt, it also asks you which lot numbers you consumed while making that Kanban, so in reality, it is backflushing but with proper controls over the part/lot that was issued.


I have a slightly different opinion on this matter. Being in a more tightly controlled industry (med device) we have to have control on just about everything. However, we still want the ability to limit the system touches of our production team. Having the ability to set a Backflush bin that contains a single lot and have the system backflush those parts would be immensely helpful. The control there is to ensure that a bin has ONLY a single lot and the system errors if there’s more than one present. This would help us not need to issue things like screws, loctite, glue which are lot controlled for various reasons.

We’re working on other ways of getting around this, but allowing additional flexibility in this space would really help.

Currently backflush is 100% invisible to the user. There aren’t any errors that pop up for any reason. This is a big problem for places that have “Not allow negatives” selected, because backflush will force the system negative because there is no interface to fix these issues.

A BPM based solution could be created to backflush in your situation @elfrykman, but would also have to include the other controls like only allowing one lot in a backflush bin. Interestingly that’s going to give you problems with timing on refilling that bin. If you aren’t allowed to have 2 lots in that bin, it’ll have to be empty before you can put more in there. Basically you are pretty much back to issuing at that point, since your inventory needs to be up to date real time.

A better solution would be to take the lot as input on a report quantity then develop a BPM/Function based solution to do the issuing. (barcodes would be nice here).

I’m not disagreeing with the ideas here, but it would be nice to have something more robust out of box to handle this as I know we’re not the only company that would use it. We can certainly build something to help in this space, but it would nice to not have another customization to maintain. All of that said, I’m pretty sure we’ll end up heading down this path at some point, but I’ll be pushing back on what parts need to be Lot Tracked pretty heavily before customizing.

is it possible that if the part is checked for backflush, it can be tied to multiple resources group with each resources group having a line side inventory warehouse, which is replenished by Main warehouse. & Also, that parts can be issued to job by the main warehouse. Does will affect if the common part or subassemblies are located on multiple line side warehouse, which is tied to a particular resources group?

This should all work fine. We use a generic floor warehouse, but tested a team1, 2, 3 warehouse scenario and it worked. That will mean more transfers from regular stock to floor stock.