Backing up 4.0

Instead of modifying backvan to copy to the other server, why don't you
let it copy to the local server, then use scheduler and an AT command to
copy to your other server with Backup Exec. Then do your backup from
that one server. I've scheduled stuff like that already to copy our
800mb database from our main server to our test server for 1am in the
morning and it has worked fine.


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> Subject: [Vantage] Backing up 4.0
> I'm having some problems getting my backup to run in Vantage
> 4.0.
> Here's an outline of the problem.
> * I have two servers. The first has the tape drive and Seagate
> Backup
> Exec.
> * The second runs Vantage 4.0
> * I tried to add a path to the Epicor\Vantage\db directory so I
> could
> back up the data, but Backup Exec errors out since I only have a
> single-server license.
> * I tried to modify Backvan.bat to write the file to a directory
> of
> the first server (the one with the tape drive), but it's not working.
> Have any of you set up this kind of process? If so, I'd love to
> see
> a copy of your 4.0 BACKVAN file. You could e-mail it to me off list.
> TIA.
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