Backup/Restore Company Data

Vantage 8.03.409c

Is it possible to backup a specific companies data and restore it into a new company?

Thanks for any help.

By “company”, do you mean database? Or a specific company within a DB that is setup for multiple companies?

You could always back the DB, restore it to another DB (like the Test or Train one that you probably have installed). Then disable the “other” companies in that DB

By company NOT database.

What is the end goal?

To have one company that is currently in a multi-company DB, copied to a new company in that same DB?

Before copy: DB mfgsys has companies, AA, BB, and CC

After copy: DB mfgsys has companies AA, BB, CC and DD, where DD is a snapshot of the data that was in CC.


Yes that is the end goal. Possible?

My guess is that it is possible. But not practical.

And I’m fairly certain there is no way that Epicor supports. You’d have to duplicate every record in every table, that references company ‘CC’, changing the .Company value to ‘DD’.

But I’m sure there have to be tables that don’t have a Company field.

Copying the live DB to a new DB, and disabling the other companies in the new DB is the way to go.

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Supposedly Epicor has a tool to do this for their SAAS customers. You can reach out to Matthew Meyer and see if Epicor would release this because it is an extremely useful tool.

@aidacra Does Epicor have a tool that can do this?

There is an internal tool that was developed specifically for our MT Cloud team (and, there is a version of this concept that is similar with our Cloud Upgrade program where not all companies have to be upgraded during the process), but, at the moment there aren’t plans that I’m aware of to make that available externally.

I’ll reach out to the stakeholders internally to see if we could offer some solution externally to our customers.

My personal preference would be for it to be done as a service similar to our Cloud Upgrade process. User uploads their Epicor DB via a tool like the DB Packer, via a webpage you tell us which companies you want to bring forward into a new db, magic happens, and a DB is available with just those companies. The reason it’s my preference is if there are any quirky issues a team would be responsible for correcting the tooling/data as part of the service and we’d be responsible for correcting it before we consider it a “pass”.