Bank Account Tracker does not match GL Account Tracker

The GL Balance in our Bank Account is $5,882 dollars higher than the Bank Account Tracker. Does anybody know what can cause this and how to fix. We believe the GL is correct.

Are you writing any general journal entries to cash? Or maybe code a purchase to that G/L account in error?

Hi Mike,

I only work here 2 days per week hence the delay in my response. Yes, we found journal entries that was the issue.

You should be able to restrict that account so nothing from the GJ will be able to be posted to cash.

Hello team, am facing same issue "Bank account tracker does not match with General Ledger report. No direct journal entry that has been processed. Opening balance are the same but closing is different. Tried to recalculate bank balance but couldn’t solve a problem. Further diagnosis shows that there are two payments which brought difference, more diagnosis of those two transactions on the sub ledger and on GL has been done but not able to get anything.

Please help me on any idea to resolve this issue

I have the same issue, were you able to resolve your issue?

Our Cre8tive consultant had us load our opening balance sheet as GJ entry. We are two months live and i have the same issue that Bank Tracker does not tie to GL which the GL is correct. If i do a Bank Adjustment for the opening bank account GL balance (with offset to the bank account GL account #) then how do i correct for this on my next Bank Recon as this Bank Adjustment will be showing up? Will i have to just adjust (override) the Bank statement Opening Balance for this?

Wondering the same. Our consultant had us load opening balance as GJ entry. How do we fix this now? We are one year past go live.