BAQ changes not deploying to Dashboard

Version 10.2.400
Has anyone experienced the failure of a Dashboard to deploy changes to the associated BAQ? It seems as if there is a limit to the number times one can change a BAQ and redeploy a dashboard. The BAQ changes are visible when testing the deployment, but when finally deploying the Dashboard, the changes do not translate to the deployed dashboard. The only way that I have found to get around this is to recreate the dashboard. Thoughts?

I have not seen that. It’s possible that you have a cache issue though. Try clearing your cache from the UI first, then close and re-open epicor and see if you see the change. If that doesn’t work there is a folder that you can delete the temp files from and it will re-pull the changes next time you load them. (our deployment is not the typical location, so I would have to do some searching to find where you should look, there are posts on here about it.)

I performed the customary clearing of the client cache, closed and reopened Epicor, etc, but to no avail. I had given up hope of a solution and was ready to walk away accepting that it is just a fluke, and that I’ll never really know why.

Then I made a discovery. Today, when deploying changes to a Dashboard, I encountered the same issue. The changes made to Dashboard Properties were deployed in the preview, but not when I ran a test deployment. The only way that I could move my columns around to get them in the order that I wanted was to drag-and-drop them from the test deployment. Then it occurred to me that this was a custom layout. As a test, I “Reset Layouts to Base”, reran the test deployment, and the changes that I made to the Dashboard Properties were there.

In conclusion: Before making any changes to a Dashboard, do a Test deployment, and “Reset Layouts to Base”.

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