BAQ DataView help: No records are populating

I am very new to Kinetic, so bear with me as I may just be going about this all wrong.

I am trying to add a message to the PO Entry page if any of the releases connected to it are marked as drop ship.

I created a BAQ that outputs one row for each of the POs in the system with a 1 or a 0 based on the max aggregate of the drop ship field. I can run this under analyze/test with no issues.

I added a Data View to my layer on the PO form and set it as BAQ and chose my new BAQ, the fields it has are listed in the columns window. So that’s good.

I tried to bind the control to the drop ship field in my baq dataview, but I get nothing.
I set the dataview to be the child of the POHeader dataview on PONum, but nothing
I tried to set the static filter to a bunch of different things but nothing

The Dataview does show up under CTRL-ALT-V but it does not contain any data. In the trainings I’ve done, I’m not sure we ever covered how to do this and I’m running out of ideas. Please tell me I’ve missed a simple, obvious step.

May I offer that you do this as a BPM? You can use a Linq Query and then display a message.

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Well, the request I’ve gotten in looks like this:


I guess the thing is that I can’t seem to get any data in through a BAQ dataview, like I am missing some sort of step along the way.

I’ve found my problem. I was never loading the data into the Data View with the erp-baq node in an event.

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And how have you done that finally?