BAQ jobhead character09 empty when job is released?

Got a BAQ that pulls down job statuses.

The field character09 from jobhead is the problem.

It works when the job is not released. But when it is, the field is empty in the BAQ. But when I pull up the job, it’s not empty. This only happens with jobs that are released.

Seems odd because other fields from the jobhead table pull in fine, regardless if released or not.

Am I missing something? Some sort of logic I don’t know about?

That sounds odd.

Never mind, was not an epicor issue, I figure out the cause though.

Issue was there was a BPM I didn’t know or forgot about (I didn’t make it.) That would pull the serial number for the job into Character09 field but it did it post processing. Which I think I might change to pre-processing so it’s updating that field for future sake.

The BAQ was relying on serialtrans to figure out the serial number for part on the job. Problem was, if they assign a serial number to a job and then remove it and add another, then it will display multiple records. So I swapped that out to SerialNo instead and I think all is well.

The BAQ now should run faster as I removed a fair amount of unneeded calls too.