BAQ linking TranGLC to PartTran and TranGLC to APInvExp + APInvDtl and TranGLC to APInvJob + APInv Dtl

Help. Does someone have any of these BAQs? I need them to possibly help with reconciling AP Clearing.

I need SCREENSHOTS as I’ve tried creating the BAQs and they don’t generate the correct data (missing PUR-MTL and PUR-UKN IJ codes, for example, even though I have all PUR-* coded)…

Of the tables and joins with Table List (Query Builder | Phrase Build | Table List)
Of the tables and joins with Table Relations (Query Builder | Phrase Build | Table Relations)
Of the tables and joins with Table Criteria (Query Builder | Phrase Build | Table Criteria)
Table Display Fields (Query Builder | Display Fields | Column Select)
Table Sort Order (Query Builder | Display Fields | Sort Order)
And then any SubQuery info, if needed

I uploaded two bags that we use for AP clearing a little while ago. Pls see them.

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THANK YOU so much! I need more help…sorry! I don’t know how to access them to edit the g/l account number and then launch them. I’m assuming Epicor is like another program I use for our other company’s ERP system called IQMS where I need to save my created Crystal Reports in IQMS’ particular Reports folder in order to launch and use. So, I have no idea how to continue with these two wonderful reports you provided once I download them!?

You will have to import them into Epicor in the BAQ menu under Actions. Once imported it is just like making your own BAQ.