BAQ newbie question - constants and variables

I feel like the Calculated Field with a static variable is easy enough and I’ve used that for things that I am controlling. But I thought the question was more about getting a value from a table, storing that value as a variable, and then using it multiple places in a BAQ so that you didn’t have to always join that table/create a subquery. His original question referenced getting some setting out of Company Config. Of course you could hard code those values into a calculated field, but that wasn’t the original intent. @JasonMcD correct me if I’m wrong.


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If you do the initial “get” of the value as a CTE, then you are basically getting the value once. It stores it in memory.

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That’s correct. It’s actually what’s called a cross join I believe, and while usually a mistake, can sometimes be useful.

Yeah I have used CTE’s before but I feel like it never actually speeds anything up. No doubt due to my own ineptitude.

So to combine the thoughts here for clarity, the consensus seems to be that:

If I want to grab a DB value and store it for future use in the BAQ

  1. Make a subquery that is a CTE
  2. Make a calculated field to store it – or I guess it could be just the actual field itself
  3. Ensure it returns just one row (many ways to accomplish that)
  4. Can bring in that subquery into other subqueries and no need to even join to it
  5. And then use the “variable” in expressions as needed

So you all feel this is roughly as efficient as a true variable?

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I mean, if it saves you a bunch of work… it’s helpful. You can do some tests if you want, but with no way of actually using a variable, it’s kind of hard to know for sure.


That is a sufficiently cromulent answer.



Learn something new everyday. lol

I stole that from someone else on the forum recently, but I certainly used to be a Simpsons fan when it was cool.

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Yes I was on the phone lol.

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Well you could create a stored procedure, and use that.
(Even in the cloud, but I’m not going to advertise how to do that :smiling_imp: )


Doesn’t have to be a CTE, it will likely be converted anyway



If you refer to it as “{MySubQueryName}”, you can access it without pulling it in at all/
It just must exist.


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I will be demonstrating how I store variables on a UD table for every user that can be called by any BAQ

Plus when I do a executive dashboard with multiple BAQs I can feed all of them in on step

Check out the Midwest Users Group meeting on 16th of February

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