BAQ Report Designer "Adapter"

I have a BAQ that generates the output I want (select fields for all AP Invoices), and I want the output to be available in Excel easily to non-technical users. For this I can use BAQ Report Designer to create an SSRS report, then select Excel or CSV (or whatever) as the output. I want to be able to filter on Invoice Date, and the BAQ Report Designer supports filters, but only for “Adapter” fields; naturally date isn’t one of those fields.
Here are my questions:

  1. What is an Adapter field?
  2. How can I convert a data element to an Adapter?
    Here is an Epicor KB article on the topic, but the article is rather cryptic for me: KB0030073 - BAQR Report Filter not showing a field

Final note: My company is hosted in Epicor’s Multi-Tenant SaaS cloud. As such, I must use Epicor’s tools to manipulate the system.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just do a dashboard and have them copy from the grid there?

Hi @Banderson,
The solution I implemented is exactly what you recommended, namely Dashboard + grid copy/paste. But there is also the principle of the thing, namely that Epicor has built a tool and due to a limitation I don’t understand, I can’t get the expected value out of it.
Here’s to hoping there is a solution or at least an explanation!

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I would teach them out to use the BAQ Export process instead of building a actual report. It will generate the BAQ to a csv file automatically for them.

interesting, the adapter has a the APInvoice head date in there…

BAQReportDesigner will let you add an option field for the data for filtering. What am I missing here?

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I think it has to do with not all columns of a BAQ appearing in the list to choose from when adding an Option to the BAQ Report.

Like …

Option fields will show for all columns
Filters will show only for primary columns
If an option field isn’t showing add it to the like lost on the BAQ

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Unfortunately Option fields are free text entry so the user has to know exactly the value to enter and be accurate, rather than offering a choice from a list, like a Filter does.
Might there be another way to make a field available as a list choice (Filter) rather than a free text (Option)?