BAQ Report Filter Options - Help Needed

Im having an issue with one of my baq reports. I want to be able to filter by Supervisor Name and have added it to the report. However, the drop-down for selecting filters does not show Supervisor Name. How do I go about adding Supervisor Name as a filter?

Here’s a whole topic on it…


Whoops … that doesn’t resolve the problem (unless rebuilding your BAQ from scratch does).

This at least got me pointed in the right direction. I can always rebuild the baq if I cant figure it out. I added both supervisor id and supervisor name to the like section. However, only the supervisor id showed up and it includes entries for all employess under them instead of just giving me one entry for each.

I think I may have even just manually typed in the desired field name.


Nope. that doesn’t work.

As others said, there needs to be an adapter (or something like that).

edit #2

You might be able to use an Option in place of the Filter. For the compare Operator, choose “List”.

While it wont give you the search functionality that Filter does, you can manually enter a comma separated list.

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