BAQ Report to reprint material labels

I am trying to create a BAQ report that users can use to reprint damaged or lost material labels, instead of going to Receipt Tracker.

I added filters for Part Number, Warehouse, Bin, and Lot to the BAQ report. I would expect that if I put in a specific part number, then when I go to filter by lot, I would only see the lots that are associated with this part number. Epicor shows me all lots in the system. Is there a way to make the filtering a little more dynamic?

I also considered making a dashboard where they can search using the above criteria, and then pass their selection in the dashboard to a report for the label. I don’t even know where to start with that; could multiple values in a selected row even be passed to a report?

Filters are pretty straight forward with narrowing down criteria. One thing that could change that statement is your linking. Can you provide a screenshot of the tables you’ve got linked together?

It’s just PartBin and Part (to get the part description).

Try creating an updatable dashboard with multiple dirty rows and calculated fields with a checkbox that allows you to check the labels to reprint, when you click save. You may need a ud column to store a value that triggers the condition in the data directive. You could also add an additional calculated field for the number of labels if needed.

A couple of links here


The other option also is to use Print Station.

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What is Print Station?

Print Station comes with Bartender. Assuming you’re using BT it’s an option as well.

Print Station cannot be used directly for SaaS customers. You may be able to assemble a BAQ and use REST/OData to download/update a table to Excel and then have Print Station reference the Excel file.


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Sorry I spoke out of turn, I meant the reprint console. Here are documents on both as well as what editions they are available in.

I hope that helps. I believe the automation edition of reprint console is limited to 7 days of history.