Barcode scan and print

We have a scenario where we want to have anything scanned by a particular barcode scanner to automatically print what was just scanned. As simple as possible, just scan and print with no user interaction. Does anyone know of something out there that can do this?

From within Epicor? To a connected printer? Or literally a piece of hardware that prints the characters that are scanned?

Depending on the type of hardware, I’ve been testing a combination of Kepware / SQL / Bartender for labelling.

Could potentially be done with a scanner as well, you just need a way to create a “trigger” so to speak.
Or, depending on the scanner (is it a Wedge or does it run an android OS?)

After scan, pull the relevant Epicor data and insert that data into a table that Bartender monitors. Couple different ways to do it; I’m still trying to figure out the best way to implement with Epicor. :smiley:

Outside of Epicor. As simple as possible, just scan and print what was scanned.

I did come across this article this morning. That is the best I’ve found so far. Looks like I would need a new scanner to use this method though.