Barcode Vantage Print issue

I'm having an issue with the Barcode reader scanning a 2D bar code. This Barcode is on a label being printed on Vantage version 8 and was developed on crystal reports version xi r2. The printer is a zebra zt 410 203 dpi. The Barcode appears on the label however when scanned no results are returned, like it doesn't recognize the barcode. The crystal runtime has been updated to the 6.4 service patch and we are using the ID automation encoder using courier new font for a pdf417 2d barcode.


If I take the xml and populate the report in crystal developer and print the barcode  it will scan, however if the label is ran and printed through Vantage the barcode will not scan. Visually the barcode printed from crystal developer and the one printed through vantage are similar but the one printed through vantage is slightly smaller.


Increasing and decreasing the font size did not help. I’ve also
used a font called Constalas  (if I remember correctly) which did not