BarTender 2019 Overview

From Seagull’s Facebook:

Interested in learning more about BarTender 2019? Join us for our first “New in 19” webinar premiering on Thursday, April 11th at 9 AM PDT. We’ll be taking a deeper look into some of the newest features. Learn more about BarTender’s document design, data sourcing, intelligent forms and processes, and more. Visit and register today!

Registration seems free, I signed up; sounds interesting!

The Recorded Webinar:

  • There will be a new Product Key which NO Longer has to be changed if you buy additional Printer Licenses; YES
  • BT Professional 2019 is now Printer License Based; Not User License Based!
  • BT 2019 is now on thumb drive with a cost, no longer on DVD (that is you want a mailed copy). Otherwise download it
  • Reminder: BT Free Edition comes with all the bells and whistles so you can test; anything that is outside of the scope of FREE will still work; but your label would be watermarked.

I wasnt able to capture them all. A recording will be available in a few days.

And More…


Signed up for the webinar, and forgot to add to my calendar :frowning:

There will be other Deep Dives and Recording Available Soon.

One thing is that you will be able to add “Tables / Columns / Grids” now.

And the Lifetime Key

They mentioned that whoever signed up will get email notifications before the deep dive webinars are. So atleast you will get email pinged next time.

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Gonna curve ALL THE TEXT!


I have a few slides missing. But now they also have Text Fill or Text Wrap to go around a shape or logo as well :slight_smile:

Booked the webinar read it as being at 3am here. Slept through (surprise surprise). Went to email and to see if there was a recording… Email bounced because my email is not part of the O365 group…Looks like they didn’t actually test that…

Thanks for the information @hasokeric it is very valuable, although we are not using bartender to is maximum potential at the moment.

Always good to see ahead and its capabilities. We are on 2016, but when we have a problem we need to solve; its good to know of capabilities in 2019 that we may not need now, but may need when a problem arises such as special customer requirement.

That’s why I enjoy roadmap webinars, helps us invest in solutions properly and knowing what is at our fingertips.

@Hally @ckrusen @willetta @Banderson:

From Seagull Scientific:

Hi Haso, thanks for reaching out! Here is a link to the recorded webinar The user will be prompted to provide their name and email address before viewing the recording.

I’ll have to connect with members of my team to see why their email bounced. In the meantime, please have them send their questions to our Product Marketing Specialist Tyler Comin at Also, I highly suggest the user signs up for an account at Users with an account can opt-in to be notified about future webinars.

The Recorded Webinar:


I didn’t register for it, so I won’t be able to watch it. But thanks for the info.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it let you anyway. Getting your contact info is more valuable than keeping the webinar “secret”

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Thanks @hasokeric I appreciate that.

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From Seagull:

Tune in to our latest “New in 19” webinar, “Form and Document Actions in BarTender 2019,” which premieres Thursday, April 25 at 9:00 a.m. PDT. We’ll be discussing BarTender actions, and how you can use them to enhance your business processes. Visit to register!

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My CAM says that 2016 is the latest certified copy, so it will be at least a year before they can ship it. Does anyone know if they upgrade costs anything? Or can we use our current license to download the upgrade?

We don’t use the Epicor part of the Bartender, everything is CSV’s with custom code.

When we went from 9.4 to 10.x and then 2016 - We just had to reach out to our CAM to Convert our License, or provide a Upgrade License. I assume the same will be for 2016 to 2019; but then according to Seagull going forward in 2019, your License would automatically work for newer versions.

Yeah we don’t plan to go to 2019 yet; But I liked to keep an eye out on capabilities, sometimes we have a problem that a new version could solve easily, so atleast seeing what’s new - keeping an eye out on the roadmap - helps to know whats available within our finger-tips. Also given that Epicor only sends a .csv to BarTender and doesn’t really Integrate with its SDK; I would think 2019 is safe to use if anyone decides to try it.

That’s kind of what I was thinking. The CAM said he’s been asked that question 3 times this week, so that’s the answer he got when he checked. When I have more time, I might try to upgrade. That could be a couple of months though.

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My Upgrade from 9.4 to 10.1 and 2016 was straigh forward. BarTender Setup Uninstalled the Old Version and Installed the New… It also allowed me to convert my Commander Tasks to Integrations. No Major Gotchas Really I assume going from 2016 to 2019 will be even easier :slight_smile:

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