Bartender label from Receipt Entry actions menu


I have a customer that is looking to use the Standard functionality for printing labels but instead of using the SSRS option he would like to be able to create a bartender file.

Receipt Entry> Actions> Print Labels> Select bartender report style and generate file.

From what I have seen, I can create a bartender style (for RcvLabel) but when I go to the print option I only get the Client printers and I require a server printer, does anybody know if I could be missing something or if it is even possible? Thank you!

In Company Maintenance what do you have selected under Email and Reporting?

Just checking, Bartender style labels is a pay for module, I’m assuming you have that module?

That being said, I have found the bartender functionality from Epicor to be lacking. It takes a bit of coding, but making the CSV files on your own has worked better for us. We usually pair it with some sort of dashboard or something for custom filtering abilities though. If you want it to work through the standard print options, I haven’t used it like that.

Hi Brandon, we almost always end up creating the CSV files through a BPM but since I am able to create a report style with Bartender option I was wondering if it was possible to just use the standard functionality but whenever I click on Print it opens the Client Printer option and not the server printer as mostly used for Bartender. I guess I am just unsure if it is something that would work.

This depends on the setup I posted. Can you post your settings? If Client and Server processing are selected they will need to click and select server printing and then print.

Hi Dan, here is my setup:

  • I created a Bartender report style

  • When I click Server printer, the Client printer screen appears

You might want to check this out. When using the Bartender report style this is really to be expected. This link might give you some other ideas.

My personal feeling on it is if you can do it through code or a BPM do it that way. The native bartender printing doesn’t allow you to utilize the full power of BarTender2016 (antiquated commander script) and it’s far less flexible. If you’ve already been doing it through code I would keep on that way. I’ve converted all of our native prints to code, the module isn’t necessary and a lot easier to get to the data you want using BAQs and code.

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I would tend to agree with @jgiese.wci and do most label printing this way. But … if the use case fits the standard Bartender module or you do not have development experience (outside of Google pasting) I would recommend at least trying to use the standard integration. Support will most likely be more apt to assist. You have already paid for it but you might want to revisit when your maintenance is due to see if you change your mind.

Thanks all for your responses, my guess is that standard functionality does not work with receipt label bartender using server printer.

For our reciept labels, we created a CSV output, then made an excel macro in the personal workbook so once it opens in Excel hit can hit Ctrl+Shift+P and excel writes the file to a csv in the drop folder for bartender. It’s not ideal, but does a decent job of doing what we need it to.


Why not generate and drop the CSV right to your bartender pickup folder from a part tran bpm directive? There should be some examples of bartender printing from code in the forum here somewhere.

Here’s a write to CSV with a button.

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