Bartender program and drivers

Has anyone had issue with certain drivers when using Bartender? Is there a ‘best’ driver to use for Bartender and Epicor?
Having to scale the label down to 60% the actual size and then it will print on the whole label when printing.
For example, designing a label about 2x3 will print on an area 4x6.
Wondering if that is driver related?


Tracey Brill

I haven’t done it, but our guy who makes labels in BT always says it’s
“tricky” and usually has a few more choice adjectives to go along with it.

In my experience, using bartender to make labels works waaaay better than trying to use an SSRS report to print to a zebra printer. The printing to a label printer from Epicor is always “tricky” and I’ve said some of those words too. Dropping a CSV file out for bartender to pick up is more work on the front end (customization to write the file, and using the commander or integration builder to pick up the files.) but leads to a lot less headache for the end user. And I haven’t found a good use of the bartender files from epicor, and is frustrating to me that I can’t just export a CSV from a BAQ easily. (at least not in 10.0)

That’s just my experience. The scaling thing for us has shown up on the non-bartender side more.

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We have messed with and formatted most sizes so we have templates now, but it is just a game of trial and error. We use version 10.0 SR3, Build 2867 and it works quite well for us. Very fast and responsive when dropping the data files and it prints the labels out in real time quite fast. We only use Bartender and Commander though, so not using all the applications in this version, but these two work for us and our 5 printers.

I’ve standardized on the Seagull Scientific ‘Omnibus’ Driver. We use Zebra Label Printers but the Seagull Driver for Zebra found within this ‘Omnibus’ driver pack Seagull provides on their site and optionally in the Bartender Suite Installer start screen I believe.
The Driver pack has a very large set of Seagull drivers for many printer manufacturers.
Seagull’s Driver for our Printer provides more controls than the equivalent Zebra Driver for our printers. Here’s their Driver Page:


I’ve had the same issues with Bartender. It’s usually a matter of printing the label, then figuring out how you have to scale it to get the desired size. The X-Y positions and size are fictional.

But still, I MUCH prefer BT over using Epicor printing. First, it’s very reliable. No worries about the print server being down. The biggest reason is the response time. I’ve developed a lot of customizations that write out a file, and pretty much as soon as the user clicks, the printer is printing. There’s no way anything through Epicor printing can touch the response time. In a plant environment getting a label in 2 seconds is an eternity, and I can’t imagine every getting anything form Epicor printing in less than that time.

Kevin Simon
SimsTrak Consulting, LLC

+1 To everything Kevin said

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Best Drivers are from Seagull