Besides the actual tables folder, where are UD tables defined or referenced?

Implementing Maintenance Management module in an otherwise functional copy of a production DB in a DEV envir. Needed one UD field in Equipment table for a ‘category’ field. Created UD field in the usual way. Synch/Regen data model and all that. Used UserCodes type and Code list to create a list of possible values. Wired that to a screen customization adding one field in Equipment using EpiCombo. All worked great.
The DMT Template seems to do a nice job of recognizing the UD field and includes it at the end of the column set of the template - slick, or so I thought. Then I tried to DMT the equipment including the actual value of category (identical to the combo list value) into the Erp.Equip/Erp.Equip_UD table. And I cannot get past the errors, tried many different things. Had to bail due to time constraints and figured I would just start again
Finally bailed on the DB and started again from the starter DB with no UD table defined. Adjusted the DMT template to not include that UD column. But without the UD field built, there is some ghost (Schema?) of the UD table.field that was created. Checked Extended UD table Maint to ensure it couldn’t see anything. It didn’t. Resynchronized and regenerated the Data Model in the Console to get everything in synch. But the ghost remains. DMT now errors with “Invalid object name ‘Erp.Equip_UD’.”
So, where do(es) the Ghost reference(s) live?
Apart from the DB and the Data Model which should now be in synch, there is something else holding onto an old reference of the ERP.Equip_UD.
Can one ever really start again, once heading down a UD road? Or what have I missed?

Your post is a bit hard to follow, but are you saying that the issue is that you cannot see your new UD fields in the DMT?

Not quite. This is a new DB and free of the Erp.Equip_UD table and field I created in the previous attempt. I completely over wrote that first DB with restore, syched the tables, and regenerated the data model AFTER encountering the errors from DMT in the new DB. AFTER the resynch, regen, the error is the same, even though the DB doesn’t contain the Erp.Equip_UD table and field, and the tables are resynched and a regenerated DM, the DMT seems to encounter an error in processing a data file that also does not have the UD field column in the .csv file. It seems that something is remembering the presence of the UD Table and field of the prior DB. I am trying to figure out what and how to make it forget that there was a UD field so that I can import the standard template of data for the Erp.Equip table and then do the customization I need including adding the UD field once the Equipment table is populated.

Did you restart the application pool. Better, did you shutdown the application pool prior to regen. As a last idea, restart IIS.

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Bingo! Thanks Asmar! The restart in that sequence was the breakthrough. I’m assuming there is some sort of cache or reference file or record that is wiped or regenerated, independent of the data in the DB and in the schema and SQL. I’d love to understand the next level down and what specifically the mechanism(s) is here.
Thanks for the experience Asmar!

‘Experience is what you have… just a bit after you needed it’ :wink: