Best methods for manufacturing employees to clock in and out?

Currently our employees use time cards and a time clock to clock in and out. Their time cards are then approved by their manager, entered into an excel spreadsheet, then uploaded to a third party payroll service.

In the past, we tried using Epicor e10’s clocking function for our shop employees, however they found it too demanding to navigate the system. What methods do people find that work well? Ideally we would like to find a method that works through Epicor but is easy to manage and not time consuming, such as swiping a card or key fob.

Do you use MES on your shop floor currently for reporting labor on jobs? Clocking in and out should just be a single button press and typing (or scanning) their employee ID. You could set up an MES station at the door/time clock and they scan a badge to clock in or out.

We use a separate system to manage vacations/holidays/timecards and use a Windows service that polls that system and creates input files that Epicor Service Connect uses to clock employees in and out of the system. 90% of the reason we’re set up this way is because the hand scanners don’t play well with other software and can’t connect directly to Epicor.


Hi, How did you get on with the clocking method?
Can I ask the direction that you took to resolve this issue?

We are facing a similar challenge at the moment.


if your employees have a tough time navigating the clockin-clockout process, then someone may be pulling your leg on this… it is very very simple. I have SUCCESSFULLY trained people who only spoke Spanish and (TYPO: English) Chinese how to do this (and I don’t speak either language).

Note that the process always ends with entering their employee number, and always ends with either logging out, or clocking out. (Obviously) the clock out only happens at the end of the day.


  1. enter employee number
  2. press enter on shift # (or change if they are clocking in during a different shift then normal)
  3. start activity (if there is an activity to start)
  4. log out (NOT clock out).

Change activity:

  1. Enter Employee number
  2. Stop Activity (if working on previous activity)
  3. Start Activity
  4. Log out


  1. enter employee number
  2. Stop activity (if they have any activity they are clocked into)

Man, your translation software is spot on! What do you use to translate to English? :wink:

I’ve implemented different solutions in the past, depends on what you are looking for.

  1. Group based clockins (effectively labor teams)
  2. RFID card based employee clockins into Epicor

@anthonyp I do not know about @timshuwy’s training skills, but we use the classic MES in/out and start/end activity with almost 200 people 3 shifts 6.5 days a week and write each transaction to our time and attendance software for import.

What are the challenges you are facing? We did have an issue when half of the shop went to lunch and we would run of of licenses as they clocked off for lunch, but we went to staggered lunches and that went away.

Profile - gpayne - Epicor User Help Forum We are currently looking to improve our process of time punching from our payroll system and paying employees from the payroll award interpreter. What we find is that the hours from the payroll system do match our Epicor job cost data. We have more faith in our job cost data than our payroll award interpreter.

Looking to see what methodology other business use to determine how many hours to pay their employees, and if they use award interpreters from punch times or not.

We have a lot of confidence in job cost data for employees, but very little confidence in our payroll system award interpretation.

We are currently looking for a new payroll system, that will work in with our Epicor job cost data.

How are other businesses using this job cost data to pay employees?


@anthonyp based on Tim’s scenario above we drop a punch file that is imported into our time and attendance software which I assume is similar to your award interpreter software. Time is approved and HR exports the data for our payroll processor.

I send in a Clock In, Clock Out and department change from bpms that are imported in the Time and Attendance software,

We do not allow mes employees to use any device but Epicor to clock in or out and track lost time that is time on the clock, but not on a job.

OK… you caught me… I DO speak English, but I do not speak Chinese… corrected my original response.

@Chris_Conn we are looking at clock in options at the moment. Mind sharing what you did for your #2 option?

Just some basic usb readers (i have omnikey 5022 CL with me now)
a sdk for RFID communications
customization on MES to call sdk to get data from card (handle as needed)