Best practice for setting up multi-site assemblies?

I used to know how to do this but it’s faded…
Site 1 produces a finished good, which requires building Assembly 1, transferring ASM1 WIP to Site 2, they do their own work (presumably ASM2, then return the WIP back to Site 1 for final assembly of ASM0.

In general what’s the approach?

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The EASIEST way to do this is to make THREE part numbers:

  1. Site1 makes ASM1a - stocks it and transfers to site 2:
  2. Site 2 makes ASM1b - it is made from ASM1a, so you issue ASM1a to the job. Stock it and transfer to site 1:
  3. site 1 makes ASM1c - it consumes ASM1b in its BOM, so you issue it to the job.

If you do this, then when you had demand for ASM1c, MRP will automatically flow down the requirements through the system. Having them STOCK also helps keep things pure. You CAN make them as Make Direct/Non-STock, but you will find that the transfer orders of make direct jobs gets confusing for the users.


@timshuwy - the project I’m currently on is multi-site, and all make parts are non-stock, they do not have a concept of inventory, period - so I want to try the non-stock, make to job transfer orders between sites - and I know I was able to do this several years ago with some jiggering, but can’t remember the sequence. I have the parts set up correct, with transfer definitions and so on, and it creates all the jobs correctly with make to job demand links, and creates the TO suggestions correctly, but when I go to do the TO shipment, it’s stops me with a “the transaction will result in a negative on-hand qty”, something I did not expect with make to job. Any clue about the steps?


p.s. so I did try bypassing the TO Shipment Entry, and went straight to Job Receipt to Job, and it took, but it also closed the Transfer Order, so I couldn’t complete the TO Shipment - and that was one of the customer’s requirements, to have a shipment transaction.

p.p.s. tried doing the transfer order receipt at the receiving site but when I go to Actions / Receive it doesn’t actually do anything, the line just hangs out in the ‘pending receipt’ section

p.p.p.p.s. I finally got it - was missing the date in the receipt.

Dang that is a beast of a process.

peronally i just totally dislike the concept of non-stock items being transferred between sites… it gets squirrelly because MTO costs are being transferred from site to site, via transfer orders, and magically transferred to WIP. Also when site 2 completes their job, the system automatically ships the product back on another transfer order (no manual step required). it is also difficult to see the related transfer orders, and may take a special dashboard to see all the tracking.

My recommendation is to always create part numbers that are physically received from a job, shipped, received, and issued to another job in site 2… then reverse the process to get the parts back to site 1.

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Is it possible to ship the same nonstock part # back and forth between sites (in other words, Part 1 would be on the BOM for Part 1)?

that would not be recommended… you cannot create a bom in the Eng Workbench that looks that way, although you CAN put “part1” as a component material for a job that is making “part1”.
Better practice would be to create multiple parts for various stages of finished if you are going to do this.
Part1 (finished)
Part1-A (unfinished)
Part1-B (unfinished)
Part1-C (unfinished)