Best route to add ShipTo Address and ShipDate to Job Pick List RDD?

From the base Job Pick List RDD, what is the best route to get to ShipTo Address and ShipDate?

My suggestion is to create a BAQ and create a BAQ Report instead and add the menu item. As the ShipTo Address came from OrderRel, creating ReportRelationship is not easy. If you link too many tables together, you will run into SSRS limits.

JobHead > JobProd > OrderRel

Given that all your Jobs have a Demand to an Order, follow Jason’s advice.

True. @hkeric.wci is right. If you make to stock first, you’ve got a bit of logic to overcome.
I’m the past, I’ve seen companies make more than enough for an order as both Make to Stock and Make to Order. These can both be put in JobProd at the same time as 2 demands against the same job. In fact you can have a virtually unlimited number of demands from one job: Stock, Order, and Job (but not Transfer yet).
The join I mentioned before is the same, but you would exclude the Make to Stock record.

What exactly do you mean by this? If I am adding these tables and relationships in the RDD, how would I go and exclude the Make to Stock record?

On the JobPickL RDD, the default data sources are: Company, JobAsmbl, JobBin, JobMtl, SerialNo, and SubAsmbl. What would I connect the JobHead table to? JobBin on JobNum? If so, why not skip that join and go directly from JobBin to JobProd?

There will only ever be one JobHead per Job, but potentially many JobBin records (if I recall). This means we should join to JobHead to prevent duplication. Also JobHead is a real table so the query should run faster.

Okay, from the base RDD, what would I connect JobHead to?

I suppose I should have looked at the RDD. I would use JobAsmbl.

Question on adding data sources in RDDs: I added “JobAsmbl to JobProd” on Company and JobNum.

Now, to add “JobProd to OrderRel” I need to join on Company and OrderNum. Some of my jobs are make to stock, resulting in a “0” for OrderNum. The RDD freaks out on these jobs. How do I “exclude the Make to Stock record”?? In a BAQ, I could just change the join type, right? But what about in an RDD?

Thank you.

The join type should be Output (not Definition Only).