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Hi All,

I’m looking for the best way forward. We currently have a customisation on Select Serial Numbers for Quantity Adjust, ContainerReceipt, DropShip, ReceiptEntry which allows us to upload a excel, csv and mass add SerialNumbers to the dataview Available

We are looking to implement this in Kinetic UI via Web Browser

I did look at the File Picker Client > File Transfer Erp but I don’t quite understand how I would pull the contents of xyz file into the slide out panel in the Kinetic UI

Then process the csv file into the grid where No Records Available is currently written.

I can only see dataview snf in the console log of DevTools which contains my new serial number if I add it manually

How would I call this endpoint from when the file has been added to File Client Picker and process the contents line by line…


If you can show me the shortest path to get one of those set up, I can poke it with a stick.

No promises.

What do you mean?

Set up the simplest customization possible to use that widget.

Oh come on Keeeeevin. I feel like you could have set this up yourself by now!
Create Layer > Add Button > OnClick Event > File Picker Client widget > Do the thing

Maybe, but I’m serious, the web ui stuff is still very alien to me.

Thanks for this.

Enjoy that rabbit hole you’re about to fall down.

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@aarong how long do we wait before we send a rescue team in? :rofl:

I’ve got file uploading working. Only static name on server though. Trying to figure out how to carry client file name over.

And there’s the rub, lol. That’s about where I landed.

I got it.

I bound the picker to CallContextBpmData.ShortChar01

And in the file-transfer-erp, I set the Server Path to {CallContextBpmData.ShortChar01}


@aarong once it’s on the server, you can use a function to process the data. Extract the data in the function and write to a dataset. Pass that dataset back to App Studio and assign it to the view.

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Ok, here is what I did. I think it should be relatively simple here to call a function after this
to populate a dataview. @hmwillett can speak to that, I’m still mostly lost there.

I added a File Picker Client to the form.
It got the id erp-file-box-e7ec2

Set the EpiBinding on that to CallContextBpmData.Character01
(Shortchar01 may be too short sometimes)

Then I added a button to hang an event off of.
Added an on-click event, and chose the file-transfer-erp widget.

Choose Advanced → Param
Then chose Special Folder CompanyData
ServerPath: {CallContextBpmData.Character01}
Put in Company
Transfer Type upload
ErpFileBoxID: erp-file-box-e7ec2

And I tried it and it worked. File is there.

You should be able to hook into the OnSuccess event in the file-transfer-erp component
to do the rest.

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Crack this one…

Get a custom layer on Erp.UI.SelectSerialNumbersEntry.dll and have it actually WORK! - I have added 5 different layers… NONE OF THEM DISPLAY!! Just uses base…

My custom layer in Menu…

Using my layer

Added File Picker.

Receipt Entry - Serial Numbers > Slide Out…