Best way to move Custom SSRS Reports from one environment to another one

Hello guys,

I have a customer that has about 50 custom SSRS reports (custom reports based on standard ones and some BAQ reports) in their Test folder and they would like to move or install them into Pilot folder, is there a way to grab them all like a mass installer? What I usually do is to download them and then upload them, change the data source to point to the right SharedDataSource and so on but I was wondering if there us a best way to do this?



Not sure about mass change of datasource, that would be really cool if someone knows the answer to that though.

I use Epicor to do that.

Use Solution manager - Select all your customer report Styles (you will be prompted to add the RDD’s) Say yes to the include SSRS reports. Then build the solution.

Install the solution on the Test side - all the Data sources will automatically be updated.

I do this often and the solution manager works well.



I have a tool I wrote for this I’ll publish it in a bit


Personally, I don’t have to change datasources in this kind of situation. Reason why? All the Epicor environments are linked to the same Reports database. I don’t see any added value to use on report database by environment, except if you are very, very, very intensive on printing.

As for tools copying reports from a folder to another, I’ve never used them except one time and it did broke my reports.

Thank you @DaveOlender I have also used the Solution Manager but sometimes I have seen that if the main report has subreports they are not grabbed but I double check it.

Here’s the tool I promised, which corrects the data source and copies the reports etc. It is basically report sync but with some epicor specific enhancements.


Thanks a lot @josecgomez!!

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