Bill to on Child customer quote is not National Account Parent customer

Trying to figure out how to use the National Account functionality. I might be missing a step.
Or maybe I have figured it out and it doesn’t work the way I expect it to… I am trying to assign one customer as the Bill To for another.

This is what has been set up:

  • There are two customers, Parent and Child
  • A relationship class, PRNTCHLD has been created. Tiered is checked. Two levels have been created: Level 1: L1 Parent; Level 2: L2 Child.
  • A National Account Relationship has been created where the Class is PRNTCHLD, the Parent customer is listed at Tier Level 1 and the Child customer is listed at Tier Level 2. The Lineage shows that Parent is 1327 and Child is 1327-1328.

I am trying to figure out how Parent becomes the Bill To for Child. In the Child customer record, (Billing | National Account), the Member of National Accounts grid shows Parent as the national account and the Tiered checkbox is checked.

However, when I go to make a quote, in the Bill To Customer drop-down, there is nothing besides “Same as Sold To.” How do I get Parent to be the Bill To for the Child customer quote?

What else do I have to do?


And… the PRNTCHLD relationship class code is listed in the Payer-Bill To field in Company Configuration | Modules | Finance | Accounts Receivable | Natural Accounts