Bills of Material Updates

When engineering goes in and completes a change order using the engineering workbench, by added parts or changing the REV of a assembly, is there anyway to update the job automatically? Right now we have a very manual process to where the assembly revision is not up REV’d, rather the parts are added to the job. This is very manual and not accurate when it comes to our parts manuals. I should mention that it is mostly when the job has been transacted or picked that this issue really comes to light. There has to be a better way.

There is not. This is a tradeoff of having the flexibility of being able to have a job be a custom one off, depending on whatever you need to change at the time. Because of this choice for flexibility, the job gets details at creation, and then is separated from any other master changes.

Also, regarding the transactions, since things are related to other records, once you start transacting, if you were able to change too much, you would end up with orphaned records and accounting issues, which would cause other issues.

Sorry about the bad news.