Revision Control

What is the best way to keep track of different revisions of parts. In our circumstance certain products require a certain revision of a product to be used to manufacture. For Example Part - PART1234 REV 1.0 need to be used to manufacture SUB Assembly 1, also PART 1234 REV 2.0 would be needed in sub Assembly 2

you can upgrade to Kinetic 2022.2 which now supports revision tracked inventory, and it also allows you to specify the revision in the material needed.
Note that I believe that this is considered an advanced feature so you may need to talk to your CAM to find out the add-on price to get Rev control at part level.

Alternate opinion: roll the part number when it becomes incompatible with a prior version. In theory, all parts of the same ID are interchangeable (unless, as pointed out above, you upgrade and buy an addon). If two things are not interchangeable, they should not share the same part number.

That’s my take, at least. Even if we could have inventory revs, I’d argue against it.

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