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Lynn,part of the reason is that you may choose a different bin naming convention than what epicor may decide on as a default. So here is what we did, it was tedious but a one time deal- in MS Excel generate your Bin#s and naming conventions (The drag to fill feature works quite well)-We created 3 warehouses (Main, Inspection, Transfer) and generated all possible bin#s for the MAIN warehouse only eg: starting with Bin# A0101-Description- Rack A, Row 01, Bin 01 through Bin# Z0101. Then copy and paste this into BIN SETUP form in List view. It takes less than an hour to finish the paste -you can paste and leave it running. You are done. You can choose or select as you need to from Bins as you need to.
In our Inspection Warehouse, we set up only 5 various bins based on our dispositioning process after inspection. Anyway, these are simply suggestions. If you would like the Excel file to perhaps use or modify, let me know and you can always do a find, replace or copy etc. as you wish. You may contact me offline

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Does anyone have a clue why Vantage doesn't automatically create
warehouse bins, even the default one?

By comparison, when I create a plant and assign the primary warehouse,
a record is created for that warehouse. But it doesn't work that way
for the bins. I specify the primary bin on the
Part>Plant>Warehouses>Detail sheet, and _still_ have to create it
again on the Bin Information sheet.
This is going to be tedious at least.

Oh, forget the why; can it easily be changed to work automatically?
If so, how? Seems to me that this should not require a customization
but be an out-of-the-box functionality.

Lynn Thomas