BL Tester and DynamicQueryAdapter

Hi Friends,

I am having a peculiar issue with DynamicQuery in BL Tester. I can call to get parameters just fine. Then I modify said parameters and then attempt to Execute the query.

It seems that no matter what I do, those parameters in the dataset do not get passed. Any thoughts or experience with this issue?

Did you execute a method before this? Just curious because it looks different than what I have. Not sure it matters but typically for nvarchar I do not put any single quotes around it.

Thanks for the response Dan.

I did make a call to GetExecutionParametersByID to get a list of the parameters. I can confirm that by not calling that and modifying the default dataset parameters works so thanks for that.

I wonder if it’s because of the sysrowid not being null. (Update) - it doesnt allow me to set it to null so I cant test that theory. Regardless. you got me some piping hot data, much appreciated!

Great. I had a problem with GetExecutionParametersByID before. My workaround was to put a default value in the parameter definition of the BAQ. This was a while ago and I never re-visited but now you have me thinking about it again :smile:

That was precisely @josecgomez’ solution