Blank tab title on dashboard when Deployed

Every once in a while when creating a dashboard, I have found that the title of one of the tabs displays blank, even though it is populated.
The tab does show something in while in developer mode, but once deployed, it shows blank. If you know where to click, you can still see the data.
Anyone know how to fix, what causes this. I would like to report it, but I have not figured out a consistent reason for it:
View from Dashboard Developer:

View from the Deployed dashboard where it is missing:

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I’ve been fighting this for years, so I agree; any insight is fantastic.

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Just ran into this issue for the first time (version 2021.1.5). Did you ever find out how to resolve this?

@timshuwy @Aaron_Moreng

Quick update, I opened a ticket with Epicor Support and they advised to clear my cache since they couldn’t replicate the issue. I did it the manual way through file explore and it resolved my problem.


I’ve run into this a ton. Usually if the dashboard’s been redeployed multiple times in a short period of time. To fix, I usually have to re-save with a different name, and then re-deploy. Hope that helps.

Restarting Epicor fixes it for me. Most of the time I don’t even need to re-deploy