Blanket PO

Can anyone please send me the steps/document for how to create blanket PO and testing it?


Here is a thread on that topic: Blanket Purchase Orders

Basically, that is not a feature available in E10. A common workaround is to switch the QTY and Unit Cost fields. That will allow you to set a maximum for your supplier and receive the line based on a price accumulated instead of quantity received. You could make a custom PO form style so that it is not confusing for your supplier.

Thank you. Let me have a look at it.

Here is what we do. It’s not perfect but it’s our adaptation for going from a system that had the capability to one that doesn’t (Epicor).
Create a PO with the full amount and lots of comments to send to the supplier. I.E. XYZ part number for qty 1000 at $250/ea.
Change the qty to 1 and put the date way out.
Create a buyer called “Persons Name Blanket Orders” or something of that nature.
Code the parts that would fall under these as this buyer.
When they come up on PO suggestions, the buyer knows these are part of a blanket PO. Look at purchase advisor or own cheat sheet for “open” PO number with release out in the future. Change this release to desired quantity to send to the supplier.
Important: Must always open up another release after you do this in the future with both qty and date locked so that PO suggestions/MRP doesn’t try to move it. This is important. If the buyer forgets to do this, it would still be under the Blanket PO buyer as a flag to retrace your steps.
Hopefully that helps… like it said it’s not a flawless process and we try to get away from them as much as we can but there are some suppliers that we still rely on them for.

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We do something much simpler than this. We create a single PO release for the end of the year, with the total amount being consumed in that year. We then use Kanban cards to schedule releases. When we get a Kanban trigger, we break off the Kanban quantity onto it’s own release, and reduce the end of year release by that quantity.

Then, when the material arrives, we receive the Kanban PO/Line/Release that was created when the Kanban triggered.

Do we need any special access/License for using Kanban?

Not if you do it outside of Epicor. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mindi Diekhuis. will try your option too

oh ok Gil :innocent:

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Kanban is part of Basic Production / Job Management module.

Got it Vinay. We are not using Kanban and I did not get the opportunity to explore it.


In reality, Kanban is so simple that it is pointless to use a computerized method to control it. Far easier to just use one of the many Kanban card/Kanban square methods to run it, and if there is even a chance that Epicor doesn’t handle Kanban well, I wouldn’t take the time to bother. I certainly wouldn’t buy a module based upon wanting to execute Kanban in a facility.

Perhaps a voice in the wilderness, but it’s my honest opinion.