Blanket Purchase Orders

Unless I’ve missed something since Vantage 8, It sure would be nice to set up a PO Line with a maximum quantity and/or value and just release lines as you need them. When you release, it keeps track of how many/how much one has released and puts a hard stop when either the quantity/value are exceeded or the blanket expires.

Purchase Contracts get close but they have a fixed frequency where I want to release as needed.

POSuggestions could be satisfied by releasing a quantity on an existing blanket PO.

(I’d love for someone to say, “Hey Wonsil, you can do that already out of the box!”)

Hey Wonsil, you can do that already out of the box!

Except you can’t, but I DID say it like you wanted.


This would be cool.

have you tried kanBan POs? They “sort of” work this way, and even automatically create the release.

I recently saw a little webcast on KanBan and thought that maybe we could make that work. We’ll set up a test to see.


Mark W.

@timshuwy The only issue for us is that the PO just grows and grows and grows so the supplier gets hundreds of release lines on each PO.

Modify the PO report to hide closed releases. This allows for repeated sending of the same PO to the vendor with only the information they need.


How do your vendors like that? Any feedback? There could be multiple releases open at a time, do you think it would be weird to send them the same release again? Could they mess up and send too much material thinking it was a new release? @mhelfrey

It depends on the vendor, some will be able to handle it and some will not. Conversations need to be had with the vendor so that you both are on the same page. Having a clear indication on the PO that this is a Open Release Summary or something like that helps differentiate these POs from standard POs.

Start with a high volume low cost part first until the process is understood.

Eventually you will be able to to trust the KanBan PO and the vendor enough to automate the emailing of the PO when a new release is added.