BOM cost

I am looking for any suggestions / recommendations on how to handle the following scenario.

I have a parent, with the BOM containing 3 children. One of the three children is actually perishable tooling that has to be rebuilt over “x” many uses.

Right now the BOM is setup to where the Tooling child is pulling zero quantity each time. That’s fine because I do not want any quantity to be pulled of the child since it isn’t an inventoried item.
However because it’s zero quantity, that also means the child is zero cost within the parent’s BOM. I actually want a cost of some sort to show up on the parents BOM. Any suggestions on how to accomplish both things at once: the child does not relieve any qty but yet has a cost going into the parents BOM.

Here were some ideas:

  1. inputting a number into the parent’s material burden rate % field within part maintenance.
  2. remove the quantity bearing flag on the child part
  3. have the child affiliated with a primary bin that is non-nettable

Appreciate any feedback

I would take one of two approaches

  1. set up a part for rebuild that is non-quantity bearing and set a cost on that. Set the cost to the cost per use, based on the rebuild cost. Set the part to backflush on the tooling child.
  2. create an operation on it with a tooling cost calculated as appropriate. you can set the time per low so it doesn’t impact scheduling.

so, in short, your option 2 is the best scenario. option 3 really won’t work, as you’d need to add “fake” inventory to manage it.

thank you