BPM Call Context Data scope

I have been playing with a little Quick Search hack involving trying to pass a value from a form to a BPM

I have added some code to the form to set the value on call context ‘character01’
I can see the BPM being referenced in the client trace so I assuming that the value would be visible.
However, on inspecting the same field in the BPM the value is empty.

Experimentally I have also tried setting character02 to character09 and none are seemingly exposed in the BPM

How does one determine what the scope is? And can it be controlled in any way?

I am imagining that the call context data is a temporary table with a key (sysrowid??) related to the open form

Have you seen this topic already…oldie but goodie

Yes I have seen that old posting.
What I am experiencing suggests that isnt always the case :confused:

Looking in the trace file I can see the

Though not in every call

I also note that sometimes the associated is


Does this mean new row in the bpm call context table?

With a couple of lines of C# in a form customisation and a few mangled BPMs i finally got my dynamic quicksearch working on the Customer Part Cross Reference Entry form

I can now choose a customer. Then on the part-search, search for the parts that have a cross reference for THAT customer :slight_smile: