BPM Data Form Customization

Hi there,
I have made a customized version of a BPM Data Form, but how do I go about “activating” it? I didn’t see anything in the menu maintenance, and the Menu ID that shows up is XAPR1000, which seems to be a generic menu item for data forms.

Thank you for your help!

In the BPM when you lunch it there is an option to pick the Customization

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that did it! Thank you much Jose!

I also believe that in the form designer, under the actions button, there is a “test form” button… if you turn on developer mode before testing, you get the opportunity customize. Once you create the customization, the BPM allows you to choose which custom version of the form you want to use.

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I have the same issue. I’ve customized a BPM Data Form, but I am not sure how to bind it to the menu.

BPM Data Forms are called from BPMs… once you customize the BPM Data Form, Go back to your BPM, and in the widget that you use to launch the BPM Data Form, you will also see that there is a little dropdown to specify which custom version of the form to use.


Worked! Thank you