BPM - Default value in PCID to receipt Inventory

I am trying to create a BPM to default the “To WareHouse”

In Method Directives- chose the below mehtod directive


Here is the design created in preprocessing and enabled. but its not working. Kindly guide me where I am doing the mistake.

Please anyone can review the above BPM.

are you sure it is a preprocessing and not postprocessing?

I am not sure Alex, the reason I chose preprocessing is the moment i open the module "job receipt to inventory’ we can update the data. I am not clicking - File -> New option. The “New” icon is also greyed.

The moment we open the module - The “To Warehouse” should be populated with the default data.



I tried in post processing, its kind of working but it says none selected.

Make sure the expression in the Set Field Widget is using the “Code” and not the “Description” that shows in the dropdown.


I am using the code, still it says none selected.


Can’t you just set the warehouse to receive it to in Job Entry?


We don’t use PCID, so maybe that would keep it from working.

Its a very good idea, let me check that Calvin.


FWIW - I tried doing what you were trying to do - but for the Receipt Warehouse, and not the PCID warehouse. And I had zero luck. I put in Show Msg widgets in several different BPM’s, both Pre and Post Proc. I could see it the value but was never successful in stetting it.

oh ok Calvin. your efforts are much appreciated!! Thanks.

if it would be me based on what you are explaining me i will do a customization using beforeadapterchange if i am not mistaken that is how is called and place a message box to make sure you are in the right place and then add the code to populate data automatically