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In Customer Maintenance, I would like to default some fields such as ShipVia, FOB, TermsType, etc. After creating the Post-Processing BPM and enabling it, it seems to not populate. I am using the right code for ShipVia and FOB, but the drop down isn’t populating. Any ideas?

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What’s odd is that if after I create the customer and look in BAQ within the customer table, it is all populated in there. Just that the Customer Maintenance program isn’t updating it unless I close and come back in. There are some fields that actually do get updated without me having to close and come back in.

Set them in a pre-processing directive, or I believe there is an example on here on how to refresh the UI after a post-processing bpm.


Thank you. I will take a look.

You ARE doing it in the right place!!
GetNewCustomer PRE processing doesnt have any record to populate yet… because the “New Customer” record is not there… the base process to create the new blank record has not yet run.
SO… you need to run this BPM in a POST PROCESS on the “GetNewCustomer”.

Now… why your Combo boxes didn’t populate… this is an oddity in Combo Boxes… In every one, there are TWO values… the actual stored value, and the displayed value. it appears that you are correctly populating the stored value, but you also need to push a value into the displayed version as well whenever there is a combo box.


Thanks @timshuwy. This worked great setting the default bank on Cash Receipt Entry. I couldn’t figure out why it was blank, adding a Set Field for the description did it.

So is BPM the only way to set defaults or is there an easier method. Just seems a bit complex for a simple default?

This is my first attempt at a BPM. In RMA Disposition Entry, on New - I want to default the DropDown Box - Dispose To:
I have attempted to follow the logic explained in this post, other posts, and videos, but I am not getting the field populated.
As a Post-Processing BPM, I have set the field value to the INS-STK that shows in a BAQ. For the displayed value I am using the Stock that shows up on the screen. Is there something else that I am missing? (I have also tried as many other iterations as I can think of).
First set field is Set the ttRMADisp.DispType field of the added row to the “INS-STK”
Second set field is Set the ttRMADisp.DispTypeDescription field of the added row to the “Stock”


@scott I would add an info message before the set fields to see what RowMod is. It is possible it is not Added at post processing. Have you looked at the data in the table? It is possible it is working and you have the same UI refresh issue as above.

Thanks for looking Greg. Over the weekend I let it simmer. The light went on. I was using the wrong Method Code. It is working now. The RMADisp.GetNewRMADisp was where I was supposed to be. I did not have to put in the description as suggested by Tim.
Watch out for those accountants trying to be a SysAdmin. Scott

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